We’ve all made past resolutions to lose weight and start exercising. We’ve all also had mixed results. Many good intentions quickly fall by the wayside, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you want to get healthy and stick with your resolutions, ask yourself this question: Do I want to make small changes or major ones?

Resolve to get healthy in 2017Maybe you want to eat more fruits and vegetables. Or, maybe your goal is to spend more time pursuing stress-relieving activities.

For some, small changes are easy to make, but they can have a big effect. For example something simple as walking for 10 minutes each day can make a difference in your health.

On the other end of the spectrum are major changes. If you’re morbidly obese and facing serious health problems, you may be considering weight loss surgery. Having gastric bypass surgery will transform your life, but it’s not a decision that you’ll arrive at overnight.

Whatever your goals for 2017, if you’ve made a resolution to be health, here are some tips on how to achieve success.

Plan ahead:

What do you need to stay successful in meeting your goal of eating better or losing weight? Maybe it’s as simple as asking for a friend to be your accountability buddy, or someone that will go with you to the grocery store or to the gym. Plan ahead by asking friends that you know to be supportive to stand by you. Also, do some research on what local gyms or exercise classes are going on in your area so you can sign up in time. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your resolution goals in order.

Share your resolutions:

Don’t keep your resolutions and good intentions for changing your lifestyle all to yourself! Share it with your family and friends. This will allow you the opportunity to build a natural support system that keeps you motivated to work hard and yield success throughout the year.

Reward yourself:

Rewards are a good thing. If you’re staying on track, doing well with keeping your resolution, and working hard every day to see results, treat yourself to something that you enjoy. Whether it’s a night out with friends to a movie, time to yourself, or a new outfit, whatever makes you happy, reward your hard work once in awhile!

Be realistic:

Being realistic is key when it comes to setting resolutions in 2017. If you make unrealistic goals, you’re more likely to break them. For example, don’t say you’re never going to eat dessert again, be realistic and set a goal that is more manageable. Perhaps you’ll allow yourself to indulge in a treat once a month or once a week.

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