It is that time of year again folks. It is time for games, rides, livestalk shows, crazy food combinations, and best of all- people watching. You got it— it is The Great State Fair of Oklahoma!

state fair

Every year I get a load of questions and emails about fair food— the best and worst things you could do. So in a effort to answer all the questions in one swoop I’m summarizing everything ‘fair’ here….

  • If any food includes the words candied, caramel, or deep fried- RUN. Channel your inner Forrest Gump, run for the hills and just keep on going cause that business will do you no good.
  • ‘Bacon wrapped’ is not all it is cracked up to be. Sure bacon is protein. But don’t let that blind you to the stuff inside that bacon coat— bacon-wrapped corn? Skip it. bacon wrapped chicken on a stick? Take it!
  • Be picky about your on-a-stick choices. Of course you want the freedom to see and do as much as possible which makes utensil free dining pretty appealing. However chocolate covered pb&j on a stick is not the answer. A steak on-a-stick or chicken on-a-stick is perfect to stay on track and get some people watching in.

Some of my favorite fair classics are the Chicken On-a-Stick, Steak On-a-Stick, Turkey Leg, Indian Taco (without the fried bread), and a sugar free snow cone.

And if you only take one piece of advice, let it be this. Do not go hungry. I repeat, do not go to the fair hungry. Skipping meals early in the day will only cause you to overindulge in these more undesirable foods. Stay hydrated and eat your regular meals before heading out— you will thank me later (maybe).

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