This article was written by Stephanie Moore MS, RD/LD

So the holidays have come and gone once again! But are you struggling
to get back on track with your healthy diet? It may help you to know
you are not alone. Many of our patients here at WeightWise have come
in the past couple weeks struggling to get back in the groove. Here
are 10 steps to get recover from December and truly focus on a new

1. Forgive Yourself. This can be one of the hardest steps, which is
why it should be first. In order to truly re-focus it takes forgiving
your past mistakes, dusting yourself off, and remembering why you
started this journey in the first place.

2. Phone a Friend. Losing weight is far too difficult to do alone.
Whether it’s your spouse, your neighbor, or your local support group-
find someone you can talk to when it’s tough, and someone you can call
when you succeed!

3. Make a Plan. Have you heard the old saying “failing to plan is
planning to fail?” I believe this more everyday! If you don’t know
what you are going to have for dinner when you are driving home from
work, sticking to good decision can be overwhelming. Plan out your
meals to eliminate stress later.

4. Get to the Grocery Store. Once you’ve made a plan, follow it! Get
to the grocery store and follow the list closely. My advice: stick to
the perimeter of the store. Here you’ll find veggies, lean meats,
cheeses, eggs and so on. Only go into the aisle as needed for items
like canned goods or seasonings.

5. Focus on Fluids. It’s not only important in the summertime!
Hydrating fluids are the easiest and cheapest appetite suppressant you
can find. If you are feeling hungry in between meal times, go for
Crystal Light, SOBE LifeWater Zero, or an herbal tea and drink away
your hunger.

6. Set a Timer During Meals. Sounds strange but this is a good one.
Use either your smart phone or the stove and set a timer for 20
minutes. It takes the brain 20 minutes to recognize fullness, so
glance at the timer from time to time and stay mindful of keeping a
slow pace.

7. Cut Your Food Before You Eat. Just like we do for kiddos! Cutting
your foods before you eat will keep your bite sizes in line. Once you
start eating, it’s easy to get distracted and take a big ‘ol bite!

8. “If You Bite It, You Write It.” Perhaps you’ve heard this phrase
before! It’s true studies tell us repeatedly dieters lose 10% more
when they record their food intake. Use a Smart Phone ap like
MyFitnessPal or the old paper and pen method works just fine!

9. Set Small, Measurable Goals. It’s hard to stay focused when you
don’t know where you are heading. It’s encouraging to have smaller
goals along the way. Be sure they are measurable such as “I will drink
64 ounces of water for one full week.” You are measuring both the
ounces of water and the days until you’ve reach the goal.

10. Reward Yourself! Without food that is! It is tempting to let old
habits slip in and deter you from the bigger goal. Reward yourself
for reaching your goals with non-food items such as a manicure or a
new pair of sneakers.

Contact your dietitians for more one on one guidance to get back on
track after this holiday season!

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