I am enjoying this month’s resolution so much. I like to experiment with new things, but having a goal of trying a new food or cooking method at least once per week is challenging! How is the challenge for you? What are some of your new favorite dishes??

Enjoying what you eat is not just limited to main dishes and new food. It’s also about modifying things you already eat to be more nutritious and tasty. Especially with desserts….combining taste and nutrition is key.  Here are 5 Ideas for Enjoying a Healthy Dessert:

1. Enjoy a WeightWise Protein Pudding or Hot Drink. The WW estore has a huge variety of pudding/shake mixes and hot chocolate type drinks available. Just add water for a great tasting, yet healthy treat.

2. Add Fruit or Jello. Fruit can be a delicious addition to any meal! It has a natural sweetness that will curb many cravings. Another option is sugar free jello. Add a small spoon of sugar free whipped topping for a rare, but satisfying addition.


3. Plain Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt is so good it can make you feel like you are “cheating”. But remember, avoid the flavored yogurts because they have a great deal of added sugar. Spice up the plain yogurts with Torani Sugar Free Syrup flavors or an artificial sweetener.

4. Diet hot chocolate. If you are looking for something chocolate that will not deter your weight loss, then a diet hot chocolate is your answer. This little packet of powder with a bit of hot water or adding it to a cup of decaf coffee (it tastes just like a mocha!) will go a long way to curb a sweet tooth without the negative effects.


5. Homemade sugar free popsicles. What is your favorite flavor of Crystal Light or other drink flavor? Now imagine it in frozen form! Just mix up a pitcher of your go to flavor (mine is blueberry pomegranate) and pour into popsicle molds. You will have a delicious treat in no time.

These 5 Ideas for Enjoying a Healthy Dessert are great for satisfying a sweet tooth. However, there are a few things to remember! First, if you are partaking in a jello/liquid/popsicle…make sure you still wait the hour after you eat to have these things because they still count as a fluid. Second, this is not a license to eat desserts and sweets everyday…moderation is still key.

Enjoy the Food on Your Plate! ~Lauren

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