This article was written by Stephanie Moore MS, RD/LD


After all the questions and feedback I received after my recent Facebook video, I wanted to give a little more insight into symptoms of having low iron.  (Click here if you missed the video)

1. Easily fatigued. If you are feeling super sluggish and just plain not yourself- this could be a sign of anemia (low iron). Although you should also ask yourself how well you’ve been sleeping and if you’re getting in your fluids.

2. Bad tastes. It’s true there can often be taste changes after a weight-loss surgery, so you do want to pay attention to whether you’ve noticed taste changes more recently…or all along. It’s not uncommon a patient with low iron describes things tasting bad, including favorite beverages or meals.

3. Craving ice. This is a very common sign of anemia. Not only do things taste off, you even crave strange things like ice…but in extreme situations dirt and paper. This is a condition call Pica and is a craving for non-food substances.

4. Dizziness. Especially upon standing. Once again this can also be a sign of dehydration, so first determine if you’ve been reaching your 64-96 oz hydrating fluid requirement.

5. Paleness. When the blood cell is low in iron it shrinks and becomes pale. This is then evident when skin begins to look pale. We all know ourselves well and what we normally look like, so pay attention to if you feel you look more pale than usual.

Remember to follow up with your doctor and be sure to get your routine lab work completed. Take your daily iron supplement and contact your WeightWise dietitian if you need more specific recommendations on iron. 29 to 30 mg of iron daily is suggested for Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass patients and can be purchased at www.estore.weightwise.com

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