We all know we should stay hydrated, and after weight loss surgery, it’s more important than ever to drink enough. Because your stomach pouch is very small, you’ll need to drink water between meals and all throughout the day. It sounds like a pain, especially if you think water is “boring.” But there are ways to make water taste better.

Water is the ideal drink, but not everyone likes the flavor. To be honest, sometimes drinking water all day long just becomes a hassle. If you need to drink more water but want to make it a little bit more enjoyable, there are a few ways you can stay hydrated beyond your standard H20.

Ways to Make Water Taste Better

Nice, ice-cold water is perfect after working in the yard or exercising but can get pretty repetitive at the office or the rest of the day. Here are some ways to make water taste better:

  • Invest in a water filter pitcher.
  • Use natural sources to flavor your water.
  • Make flavored ice cubes
  • Add sugar-free flavor boosters
  • Try a sugar-free electrolyte powder/drink
  • Keep a jug of cold sugar-free flavored water in the refrigerator
  • Drink more decaf
  • Try drinking broth

Ways to Make Water Taste Better: Invest in a water filter

Maybe your water doesn’t taste that good because it’s not very clean. Think about buying a water filter pitcher, a filter that fits on your kitchen sink, and even some water bottles have built-in filters. Reducing the number of contaminants and bacteria in the water can make a huge difference.

Use natural sources to flavor your water

Add lemons, limes, oranges, or other fresh fruit (and even fresh mint leaves) into your water to make it a little more interesting. The dietitians at WeightWise have posted some of their favorite fruit-infused water recipes. When you add a splash of fruit, it’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants, but will also give your taste buds a little bit of a treat. Remember, fruit intake should be strictly limited post-bariatric surgery, so do not eat the fruit that is infusing your water.

Make flavored ice cubes

By adding a squeeze of lemon or other fruit juices to the water before freezing it in ice cube trays, you can bring your water alive and keep it cool at the same time. Just make sure the juice you’re adding is sugar-free and has few calories so you can stay hydrated and stay on your diet plan for caloric intake.

Add sugar-free flavor boosters as a Way to Make Water Taste Better

There are a variety of sugar-free drink mixes and individual flavor cartridges out there now that can be added to water which can transform your boring glass of water into something more satisfying. Make sure you are looking at the calorie and caffeine content of the water enhancers. Each packet of artificial sweeteners should be less than 15 calories and non-caffeinated to count toward your hydrating fluid goal.

Try a sugar-free electrolyte powder/drink for a refreshing boost

There are plenty of sports drink products on the market that can keep you hydrated and come in a wide variety of flavors. Look for sugar-free versions and be sure not to gulp the drinks (or fluids of any kind). In the months following a bariatric procedure, however, you should avoid naturally flavored seltzer, sparkling water, and other carbonated water which can fill up your stomach unnecessarily, and may cause physical discomfort.

Keep a jug of cold sugar-free flavored water in the refrigerator

Instead of making flavored water every time you need to drink, make a big pitcher of ice water so it’s always ready to go! You can also quickly fill up water bottles when you’re on the go so you don’t have to waste time during a busy day.

Drink more decaf

Decaf tea and coffee are great ways to stay hydrated; herbal, fruit, green, and red teas are great tasting and come in non-caffeinated varieties. There are hundreds of different tea and coffee flavors out there on the market today. So whatever your flavor preference, you’re sure to find one that you’ll like–or even try a cinnamon stick in a warm mug of water.

Drink warm, savory broth

If you love savory foods, start introducing more low-sodium broth into your diet. Not only will it warm you up on a cold day, but it will help you with keeping your fluid intake up, too. WeightWise has plenty of products that will fit the bill during those cooler months and help keep you hydrated.

The dietitians at WeightWise are here to help you succeed with a post-bariatric diet. There are several health benefits to losing excess weight, such as reducing the risk of disease, improved emotional states, and cardiovascular health. Give our medical professionals a call and see how we can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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