For many people, the month of August means back to school.  For others, it still means long days, short nights, lake time, and a lot of fun at cookouts. Unfortunately, so many of these occasions involve food and drinks of many varieties. Whether it is the after school snack you are preparing for the kiddos, cookout crunchies, or lake treats…how do you beat summer snacking? Try using this one simple rule….



Here is the challenge: 

  • Eat only with utensils…fork, spoon, knife (or spork) . Absolutely no eating with your fingers. 
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Think about it…when you are in these situations, are you really hungry? Or is it the social setting that is triggering you to eat? Here are a few ways that eating with only utensils will help prevent that mindless snacking…

  1. No more grabbing treats from the candy bowl on Lucy’s desk (or whoever has the candy bowl in your office). Unless you carry a spoon in your pocket, this will help you avoid the grazing that happens at work. 
  2. Have you ever had chips with a fork? Me either. Those salty, crunchy snacks will be much harder to incorporate with this “no eating without utensils” rule. 
  3. Unless you are in an episode of Seinfeld, eating a candy bar or cookie with a knife and fork is pretty unheard of. So pass on those sweets at your next barbecue, and opt for a more friendly dessert like fruit salad or sugar free jello. 

Snacks can really start to get the best of you this time of year. But give this challenge a try during the month of August…you might be surprised at how much it helps reduce the amount of “snack” foods you eat. ~Lauren A. 

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