Food is a big part of American culture. Going out to dinner or dessert is one of the most common ways to have a night out on the town. But once you have undergone weight loss surgery, you will need to consider some new ideas for family or date outings that are not centered around food.

Here are some unique options that create quality time for family bonding:

#1: Game night
Bring out the cards, pull out the board games, and get ready to have some fun! Family game nights can bring out the competitive nature of each family member, but it can also spur laughs and bring each other together.

#2: A walk around town
Spend some time exploring the unique parts of your city with your spouse or children. Put on your walking shoes and set out a walking path to see some of the buildings or sites that make your city special. There are different walking tours that can be done that can be educational and fun.

#3: Sporting activity
Get tickets to a baseball game to sit back, relax, and root on your favorite team. Or even better, set out to an ice skating or roller-skating rink. These fun activities are great memory makers and they also help burn calories!

#4: Book or poetry reading
Check out your local bookstores and see what authors are doing book or poetry readings. Get there early to browse the selection of books and find a treasure to bring home.

#5: Spend a night at home
Date nights or family nights do not have to involve going out on the town. Instead, they can involve staying home and saving money. Rent a DVD and watch it at home instead of heading to the movie theater. Tackle a home improvement project together that has been on the list, like painting a room or assembling a piece of furniture that will help spruce up the living space in your home.

After weight loss surgery, it will take a little adjustment to figure out new activities that will replace your old ways of doing things. With a little creativity, you and your family will have fun and keep the weight off at the same time!

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