It is not uncommon to get off track after a weight loss surgery. No one is perfect, right? But a weight regain after surgery can send the best of us into a tailspin of fear, doubt, and anxiety. The important thing to remember during this time is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You don’t need to battle this by yourself. There will be no judgement, scorn, or “I told you so’s” from us. You will find a team of experts who want so desperately for you to succeed. We will try to equip you as best as possible to win the battle you are in and maybe even prevent the next battle from happening. 

Two of our veterans found themselves in this very position. Fighting off a weight regain and unsure of how to proceed. Until they decided to come back to WeightWise and try the reboot diet. So here it is. Laid bare. The first in this series of….

The Diary of a REBOOT: Getting Ready

Words from AMY:

I am 166 lbs. less than I was in 2008. That is success, right?  Well…  For the past two years I have been losing control.  I no longer eat the way Dr. Broussard and Dr. Walton instruct their patients to eat. I have been eating junk just like I did back when I weighed 355 lbs.  My weight has been edging up for the past three years.  My active lifestyle is the only thing that has kept it from sky rocketing.  While 25 lbs. of regain may or may not sound like a lot to you, before long that 25 will be 50 and will be 100.  I have to gain control now before it is too late.

I’m in the same merry go round I was in when I first sought the help of WeightWise.  It goes like this, I wake up determined to eat right.  I fail easily at the first temptation of the day and then think to myself, “Well, I will start again tomorrow”. I feel sluggish, tired, and my joints hurt.  I feel like the biggest failure and I am scared.  I swear that tomorrow I will get my act together, I will eat right.  Tomorrow comes and it starts over again.  Only this time my feeling of failure is even greater than when I first walked into Weight Wise 7 ½ years ago because this time I have already used up all my life-lines.  I have already had WLS (weight loss surgery).  There is nothing else they can do for me now.  I am going to be the person that screws up bariatric surgery.

I sit at the computer and Google the words “bariatric weight regain” and that same old 5 day pouch test thing comes up.  Yeah, I know about that.  I tried it several times and never made it past day two.  There are not inspirational stories of people like me that gained some back but then lost it again. I’m looking for hope and I don’t see it.  As I scan the suggested links I see something new that I didn’t notice before and it says Reboot with WeightWise.  I’m intrigued because it is WeightWise.  What can they do for me now?  I click on the link and learn about the Reboot Diet.

In a moment of vulnerability I text a triathlete friend of mine, Mat. I tell him that I am out of control and scared out of my mind about it.  I asked him if he had heard of Reboot or ever done it.  He immediately answers back and says he will do it with me.  What?!  OMG. Okay a spark of hope here.  First of all, here is someone who understands and is actually in the same place that I am.  He has some regain he needs off as well.  He totally gets me and I don’t really have to even explain it all to him.   We put a plan in motion within the next 24 hours to begin the Reboot diet.  We go in to WeightWise with our heads held high.  There is no place for shame here.   

What has happened is exactly what the Doctors at Weight Wise warned us about.  This demon (obesity) we battle is always lurking around the corner ready to get a hold back on our lives.  The surgery we had is a weapon that we can choose to use or not use in the fight.  We have to stay vigilant and we have to use this weapon or that demon will find a way back into our lives.  Mat and I are choosing to use our weapon and fight!  Not only are we fighting for our own individual lives but we are fighting for you too, the person reading this.  We completely understand how scared you are and the feeling of failure you have.  We want to do this and show you that it can be done.  You don’t need to wallow in your self-pity and shame.  You need to pull yourself up by the boot straps and get down to business.  We can do this and YOU can do this.

Amy and Mat getting the products they need for the reboot with WeightWise

Amy and Mat getting the products they need for the reboot with WeightWise

Continue to follow Amy and Mat as they get back on track with WeightWise through their Diary of a REBOOT. 

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