You remember Amy and Mat, right? You first read about them last week—- they decided to get back on track with their diet BEFORE the holidays hit. We are now reading about their progress through the reboot diet with WeightWise. They each kept a journal of it….let’s see how it was.

Diary of a REBOOT: Week 1

Day 1:

MAT: My day one was Monday the 2nd of November. I typically swim on Monday mornings, but I am fighting bronchitis, so I decided to rest and try to get better. I was an hour late on my first Liquid protein, but it was pleasant because of my hectic Monday morning. I kept the schedule and pushed everything back an hour to keep the spacing consistent. I had a Quest bar at 10:00, and my Italian Tomato soup at 1:00. I had the honor of attending a fundraiser in Beaver, Oklahoma for another patient of WeightWise trying to have surgery, so I had a 4 hour drive ahead of me. I usually drink coffee… A LOT OF COFFEE, but I kept it to one cup in the morning and one on the way up to Beaver. I definitely got my 96oz of water in yesterday. Interestingly enough at this fundraiser, there was 5 gallons of chili, cheeses of every kind, a 20 foot long table of desserts and soda; however, I stuck to my Mocha protein drink and one more cup of coffee for the long drive home. I was exhausted when I got home. I was truly blessed to have been invited to attend the event, and it makes this project even more important, knowing people are watching me…
IMG_0016AMY: I have laid all my “rations” as I call them across my kitchen bar.  It doesn’t look like very much food.  I get 2 solid and 3 liquid protein supplements each day.  Did I mention that it doesn’t look like much?  However, I honestly feel so relieved.  I don’t have to make any decisions or cook.  This food is my fuel and not my entertainment.  Eating for entertainment is what got me in trouble.
I text Mat that I am waiting for the clock to hit noon so I can eat the delicious chocolate mint pudding.  I decide to go ahead and make it so it will be ready for me.  I get a big mug out and mix it up.  However, the pudding barely fills ½ inch at the bottom of this mug.  Oops, I think I should have gotten a tiny espresso cup instead of a giant coffee mug.  It’s okay, I eat the pudding and decide I can make it another 3 hours.
I just ate the last of my rations for the day.  I’m not going to lie, this was hard.  I decide to go to bed even though it is 6:30 p.m.   If I go to sleep then I can’t cheat.  My husband can tell I am on edge and not my normal self.  He encourages me that it will get easier.  I hope so.


Day 2: IMG_0030

MAT: Day two started at 4:30am with a double spin class at the Downtown YMCA. I think Buzz tried to kill us. I felt good on the bike, but after not so much…. It was a very busy day in the office so I didn’t have much time to think about food or the lack there of. At this point it is all mental. I can do anything for 14 days…. I did have a couple moments when I wanted to rip my co-workers heads off… Everyone ordered in from Earls and I had my Chocolate pudding. It was amazing, though!!!!

Tuesday evenings my triathlon team does a trainer ride. We did 87 minutes at zone three (Heart rate above 130). That was tougher than I had imagined. I really started to feel a loss of energy going into the fourth hour of exercise. I got more than my 96 ounces of water in yesterday. Did not weigh this morning. 

AMY: Wow, I feel great!!!!  I am not hungry nor was I hungry when I woke up a few times during my long night.  I feel excited.  I just have to get through 3 days of this and they said it would be easier after that.  That better be the case or I am suing for pain and suffering!!   It is time to turn up the music and get on the spin bike for a little work out before going to the office.  “My power’s turned up, starting right now I’ll be strong, I’ll play my fight song….”
9:00 a.m.– I’m hungry.  I mean really hungry.   Forget all the inspirational crap I said when I woke up.  I want to eat and this is not fun.  I texted Mat and he says drink water.  Whatever.
9:25 a.m.– Seriously, I think at least 2 hours went by since I wrote that.  I get a chocolate mint quest bar in 5 minutes.  I think I will heat it up for 8 seconds in the microwave so it gets all melty.  I might lick the plate.

Day 3:

AMY: 6:00 a.m.– Finally, day three.  After today they said it would be easier.  I know one thing is different and that is I am not craving sweets or carbs.  I want meat and some veggies.  I was actually craving brussel sprouts…that is weird.  Who wants brussel sprouts?  I’m not even a huge fan of them.  I didn’t work out this morning.  I am trying to take it down a notch while on restricted calorie intake.  They want you to exercise three times a week for 30 minutes but as I triathlete and with a half marathon in a few weeks this is a much reduced workout plan.  Tonight I will do my 3 miles run and do it by heart rate which means it will be a slow pace and likely take me 40 minutes or so.  I plan to go by the WeightWise store and see about some chicken soup or that tomato soup.  All these sweet protein drinks are getting old.  I need a different taste.
9:30 a.m.– Ahhhhh  Quest Bar come to mama!!!!  These things are the saving grace of my day!  I have an email from WeightWise and this time I read it.  They actually post recipes for us.   Maybe I saw the recipes before but blew it off because I was eating crap.  But today, OMG, that apple bacon thing Lauren posted looks so good I want to eat my computer screen.  I am going to start looking at their recipes and print some off so I am ready when day 14 is up.
12:15 p.m.— The difference a hot cup of chicken soup can make!!! I think I have more energy today too.  I highly recommend getting the cream of chicken soup in your Reboot rations.  It might keep you from hurting your co-workers. 

Day 4:

AMY: 6:00 p.m.— I had an amazing day!!  I spent the day learning about leadership from the Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership team but what was the most amazing part of this was the lunch break.  They had food trucks people and what was amazing was that I ate my Quest bar and was happy.   I am sipping some cream of chicken soup which has been a life saver to me.  I got pretty sick of all that sweet chocolate protein flavor and having something savory in my menu has really helped. 
Major success for me.  I am craving cauliflower.  I really don’t like veggies all that much so this is very strange.  I opened the freezer, no clue why – habit, and saw a bag of frozen cauliflower in there.  I started imaging how good just a little side of cauliflower would taste with my chicken soup.  Ok people this is WEIRD.  I can understand hallucinating about Raising Canes but cauliflower?  Maybe this means I have detoxed.  I can honestly say a French fry or candy bar wouldn’t temp me right now.  Some roasted chicken or a good steak, now that sounds delicious.  I can’t wait until my 14 days are up and I can start on real food again.  Not junk but real food.

Day 5:

MAT: Had a super long day yesterday, so I decided to sleep in…. Well, if 6:00am is sleeping in? I am working today at The Patriot Project in Yukon. Decorating the park for Christmas hanging lights and painting. My body has adjusted to the routine now and hunger is not really a factor. It’s funny how social food has become. Everything I have on my schedule this weekend involves food or an event where a meal will be served. I’m working with a fourth grade class from Community Covenant Christian School and a snack cart comes around every thirty minutes with kook aid and snacks. Ironically fruit is not on the snack cart. In addition to the snacks, they had bar-b-que catered for everyone here (850 participants). I went for a walk and laid in the sun. It was beautiful. I did not weigh this morning, but I’m confident I’m down more. Pants are sagging and have to tighten my belt more. Having a blast with this, and just like I tell anyone I talk to about weight loss…. When you see dramatic numbers like 10# in four days, water weight or not…. THAT IS MOTIVATION!!!!! 

Day 6: IMG_0022

AMY: I am feeling FANTASTIC!  Ran 3 miles this morning.  I have my rations down to a science.  I know what to fix and when to fix it.  I have survived several outings at lunch and the world didn’t end when I didn’t eat their food.  I am counting down to next week when I get to meet with Chris and have a nutritional plan that will fit my active lifestyle. 
Oh and I am down NINE POUNDS.  What?!  Yeh, that is totally CRAY CRAY!!!  Maybe that is why this is getting easier.  🙂 

Stay tuned for the second week of their Diary of a REBOOT!

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