It’s been busy busy busy here in the WeightWise clinic! After seeing several post-surgical patients yesterday, I noticed several patients struggling with some symptoms of diet burnout. You know the ones: bored with the same foods, sick of eating meat, unsure of what foods to fix, wondering around the grocery store with an empty cart, or starring at the menu wishing for anything but a salad.

Diet burnout is a dangerous place to be. You can only ignore it for so long, and eventually, old habits sneak in and your falling way off track.
But what to do?
The postop surgical diet is a lifestyle more than a diet. In order to successfully get the weight off, and KEEP it off for a lifetime means sticking with the program long-term. It’s very important to battle against food fatigue and keep a wide amount of variety in your meals.

Like what?

Meats and vegetables are anywhere! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to meal ideas. You can find recipes on this blog, other blogs, Pinterest, Kraft Foods, Food Network, and you can follow my personal recipes on Facebook if you “like” the FoodCoachMe page. Even when you are in a last minute pinch at the grocery store, just head down the spices/seasonings aisle and you’ll be amazed at the options!

It takes creativity, yes. It takes planning ahead, yes. But trust me when I say it is worth it. Worth it to enjoy your meals, and even more worth it to stay on track for the long haul. Spice it up people!

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