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Breakfast is an important meal. It is not more or less important than lunch or dinner, but breakfast does get looked over more often than any other meal of the day.

“I don’t wake up in time to cook in the morning.”

“Coffee is my breakfast.”

“I can barely get myself and my kids out the door in the morning on time. No chance there is time for breakfast.”

It doesn’t matter what your excuse is for skipping out on this meal, odds are I’ve heard it. And an excuse is just that. An excuse. However, it doesn’t change the fact that you need good nutrition to improve your focus, maintain energy, and control hunger throughout the day.

But since this meal seems to be the most difficult for people to eat, it deserves a little more individualized attention. You will be more inclined to eat breakfast if you look forward to great recipes so we have compiled a list of some great breakfast ideas. Each of these breakfast ideas are bariatric compliant (some with minor modifications). 

8 Bariatric Breakfast Ideas:

    1. Black Bean Southwest OmeletteThis spin on an omelette is from Eat This. The kicker here is the variety of protein you get within one meal…eggs, chicken, and black beans are all great protein sources. Throw in some salsa for a little heat or a lot of heat. **Remember that beans should be consumed only twice per week due to the starch content.**Bariatric breakfast ideas
    2. Crustless Smoked Turkey and Spinach Quiche. This crustless quiche is from Inside Karen’s Kitchen and is perfect for a brunch or breakfast when serving a larger crowd. It is easy to make in big or small amounts. But another bonus is that the leftovers keep really well, which we all know is important for post-op folks. **To make this recipe more bariatric compliant, eliminate the flour from the recipe. The quiche will still bake and set well without the added flour.**Bariatric breakfast ideas
    3. Mediterranean Egg Muffins. A great breakfast created by the dietitians at WeightWise. This low carb breakfast is perfect for meal prepping in advance.bariatric breakfast ideas
    4. Bariatric Breakfast MuffinsThis recipe is another version of egg muffins from Bariatric Eating. There are so many ways to make this versatile dish. It is always a go-to option for a low carb meal that can be made in advance. Plus the small portion sizes make it perfect for post bariatric surgery! **To make this recipe WeightWise compliant, omit the milk from the recipe. The eggs will bake and set up without the added milk.**Bariatric breakfast ideas
    5. Baked eggs in ham cupsNeed a more portable way to eat ham and eggs in the morning? This recipe from Pop Sugar is perfect for ham and eggs on the go!Bariatric breakfast ideas
    6. Spinach & Feta Lettuce WrapWe love lettuce wraps here and Skinny Ms has created a recipe for a lettuce wrapped breakfast. The combination of eggs, feta, and tomatoes in a lettuce wrap is great.Bariatric breakfast ideas
    7. Nik’s Southwestern ScrambleYou can do a lot with the recipe. You can make it as flavorful and spicy as you wish based on the salsa you use. It is also a great low carb option and doesn’t require a lot of time in the kitchen! **Remember: healthy fats (like avocado) should be limited because of the potential to stall your weight loss.**Bariatric breakfast ideas
    8. Provencal Omelet. This recipe from Diabetic Living has a variety of ingredients including vegetables and cheeses, not to mention herbs and spices. Add different vegetables for variety and color. Vegetables such as mushrooms, tomatoes, and green onions are perfect examples used in this recipe. Bariatric breakfast ideasWhether you are just getting started with improving your eating habits or you have been doing this for years, eating a variety of foods is important. These 8 breakfast ideas will help you break up the monotony and keep things fresh.

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