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It’s summertime and a lot of us will be travelling for vacations and family visits.  While traveling can be stressful these tips can help you to ensure that you are staying hydrated and well fed!

1.    Bring a water bottle with you! If you don’t already, carry a water bottle with you that can be refilled and carried without spills and messes.  A lot of water bottles even have hashes so you can keep track of your daily intake.

2.   Plan ahead.  You do not want to be stuck at an airport with nothing but a Cinnabon as your lunch option.  Pack a few of your favorite protein bars and snacks to ensure that you will never have to miss a meal.

3.    Explore your options. Did you know that WeightWise carries a super convenient powder-in-a-bottle option? This product can be your best friend in the airport, where fluid restrictions prevent carrying other shakes in your bag.

4.    Check it out! Seek out local restaurant menus beforehand so that you have an idea of what is available and what best fits your diet.  Try the local cuisine!

5.    Don’t forget! Remember to bring your vitamins with you during your travels.

Diet Tips for Travelers brought to you by UCO Dietetic Intern and Graduate Student Brittany Wheaton.

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