Diet is a necessity after gastric sleeve surgery, or any weight loss surgery, and water plays an important part. Water is key to keeping your skin, hair, and cells hydrated. But what happens if you drink too much water or simply gulp it down? Here, we will discuss some guidelines on how much fluid you can safely have after gastric sleeve surgery.

After surgery, it’s important to follow these general rules for fluid intake:

  • Always make sure you are consuming 96 ounces of hydrating fluid per day. Small, constant, sips will help you achieve this goal right after surgery.
  • Hydrating fluids are anything that is less than 15 calories per eight-ounce serving, decaf, and non-carbonated.
  • You can drink fluids all the way up until you take your first bite of food.
  • Avoid drinking fluid with your meal, as this can flush food out of your stomach.
  • You can start drinking fluids 60 minutes after you are finished eating. Make sure that you are continuing to take small sips.
  • Make sure your urine is light in color, as this indicates that you are properly hydrated.

In addition, you should have stopped drinking alcohol before the surgery as well. In fact, you will be required to avoid alcohol for the first six months after any bariatric surgery. When you decide to have a drink after that, remember that even a small amount may affect you faster than before and may slow down your weight loss.

Pain Drinking Water After Gastric Sleeve

Before your surgery, you probably could have had a whole glass of water in one sitting to help boost your hydration. But now that your stomach is smaller and you have limited space there, you can’t do this anymore. To ensure you do not become dehydrated, sip water in small amounts throughout the day. You can try setting an alarm for every 5 minutes to help remind you to drink, purchase a flashing water bottle that will remind you to take a drink, and/or add a little splash of lime or lemon to your water for flavor.

Taking care of yourself after your gastric sleeve surgery is important. You will be making a new life change which means plenty of adjustments. To your diet and exercise routine as well as day-to-day life. This requires dedication and the ability to stick to your doctor’s recommendations.

Consulting: Water Intake After Gastric Sleeve

At WeightWise, you will meet with our surgeons for an initial consultation. Every weight loss surgery patient is different and there is no “one size fits all” program. We’ll learn about your history, your family history, and potential dangers to your newer, healthier lifestyle.

Surgery is just one part of the lifestyle change. For many patients, it’s the easiest part! Giving up the old lifestyle of eating and drinking whatever you want without any physical activity can be hard. Just remember it was that life that brought you to us in the first place.

Unfortunately, a small number of patients won’t be good candidates for weight loss surgery. Either because of physical limitations, emotional blocks, or other reasons. In those cases, we offer a metabolic program that takes advantage of our diet and physical activity plans without the surgery.

At a later date, the patient may be able to have a duodenal switch, gastric sleeve, or gastric bypass surgery. That’s what makes the initial conversation so important. We want to make sure we’re doing the right thing for each and every patient.

Staying motivated to stay hydrated, eat healthily, and get necessary exercise will contribute to your new lifestyle. Watch our free online seminar to see why our patients are so successful. Then contact our team at WeightWise to start your weight loss journey.

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