The duodenal switch surgery, as well its single anastomosis modification, is designed to help patients with long term weight loss. The procedure removes/sections off parts of the stomach, alters the small intestine, and make other physical changes. The end goal is to make patients feel full faster and reduce the number of “hunger pangs” they experience.

Duodenal switch patients can expect to lose a large amount of weight over a period of time. Depending on height and weight, patients can lose up to 25 percent of their weight within a year. But in order to lose weight, and keep it off for the rest of your life, Weightwise has a specific Duodenal Switch diet plan for patients to follow.

The importance of Duodenal Switch post-op diets

After any of our bariatric procedures, Weightwise doctors or dietitians will outline a specific diet for the first two weeks after the surgery. This diet is in place to help ease patients into a new lifestyle as well as retrain the body to accept less food. This diet is designed to prevent discomfort, weight regains, and even injury.

So while you will be able to return to normal activities a day or two after surgery, you won’t be able to return to your normal diet. An unhealthy lifestyle is what brings many of our patients to us. The surgery and diet, as well as work with our exercise physiologists, are the first steps to changing that lifestyle.

Diet Schedule

While every situation is different, there are certain guidelines our patients can expect. Here is an example schedule for DS patients:

Pre-Surgery (recommended)

  • Customized weight loss plan: your surgeon will give you a pre-surgery goal weight to reach. Your dietitian will work with you to customize a plan that will help you reach this goal weight prior to surgery.
  • 1 day prior: clear liquids only
  • Midnight before surgery: no food or drinks

Post-Surgery (as directed by Weightwise)

  • 2 weeks: liquid diet of hydrating fluids, electrolytes, and protein supplements
  • 2-4 weeks: soft proteins only (no protein supplements or pureed foods)
  • 4 weeks: life long postop diet! Regular texture, lean proteins, and non-starchy veggies

Your schedule or food intake may be altered by the doctor or dietitian to better suit your purposes. But it’s put in place to make sure you don’t put undue stress on the body after surgery. In addition to clear liquids and soft foods, you will also take vitamin and mineral supplementation to make sure you receive the nutrients you need.

Physical, Mental Changes

In the weeks after surgery, with physical activity and following the recommended diet prescribed by our staff, you’ll begin to notice weight loss. But more than that, your body will start going through hormonal changes as well. You’ll find the desire to eat lessens in the following days.

There will still be an open line of communication with Weightwise, including consultations and scheduled visits. We’ll be with you every step of the way, either in person, over the phone, or video conferencing. Our support staff will be your biggest cheerleader!

At Weightwise, we’re firm believers that bariatric surgery like a duodenal switch is only the first step. The work comes in the days, weeks, and months that follow. While weight loss happens almost immediately, changing a lifestyle is a life-long endeavor.

For more information on our surgical procedures, non-surgical programs, and support staff – including dietitians, patient advocates, and exercise physiologists – contact us today. Or join us at an upcoming seminar – or view one online for free – to see why our program is so successful.

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