Weight loss surgery will change your life. It’s a tool that gives you the power to succeed in losing weight. The surgery, however, is just the beginning. Unfortunately, it can’t magically transform you overnight. To lose weight, you’ll need support, determination and follow-up care.

For some, the journey to health is long and arduous. A key to permanent weight loss is asking for help when you need it. Everyone needs support from friends, family and healthcare professionals. Whether you’ve had surgery or are pursuing a nonsurgical approach to weight loss, help is all around you.

Here’s how to find the support you need for weight loss:

Tip #1: Be upfront about asking for support

Without help from family and friends, you may feel alone. Don’t be afraid to ask them directly for their encouragement. Consider joining an online group or signing up for a local weekly meeting where you can meet people who have also had weight loss surgery. This can be very beneficial because they will understand what you’re going through. Seek out those who will listen without judgment.

Tip #2: Share your progress

Part of losing weight includes sharing your ups and downs, successes and setbacks. Don’t keep your weight loss goals to yourself. When you do meet one of those goals, share it with your support network as well as other friends and family who are walking with you in your journey. Sharing can help keep you on track and people will naturally cheer you on when you meet goals.

Friends having a picnic together

Tip #3: Manage unhelpful people

Sometimes, no matter how good their intentions, there are those who make your journey more difficult. Some people are insensitive and may not be aware that their comments are hurtful.

Others, for whatever reason, are deliberately negative. Avoid talking about your progress with those who are not helpful. If someone close to you is causing you stress, speak frankly to them about your feelings. Tell them what hurts you and how they might better support you. Don’t hesitate to seek professional advice for help with unhelpful relationships.

Forgive yourself for mistakes, setbacks or shortcomings. Focus on each day as it comes and be kind to yourself. The team at WeightWise is ready to support you. Contact us for more information or to join us for a free informational seminar about weight loss surgery.

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