Hey everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day! Today is beautiful so get out and enjoy it! I have had a lot of clients talk to me about plateaus lately. It’s bound to happen at some point. It can be very frustrating and it can make us want to give up exercise and have that cookie at times. Or at least that is my experience! 😉 The good news is you can help yourself out by keeping the good habits you have already started and get off your plateau. How? Well for starters don’t let your exercise routine get put to the side, instead change it up. I have been bored with exercise more times than I can count. When I get to the point where I’m over it, I’ll try a different class at the gym, even if I’m a little nervous to try it. Doing something different can give you a change in your work out, intensity, muscle confusion and maybe push you a little more. I like it because I can usually see my results pretty quick, and I feel like I have more energy too. I like knowing that the time I’m investing at the gym is doing something for me. So next time you find yourself thinking the treadmill has just become to boring try out an elliptical, rower, bike or a class. A good spin class never hurt anyone! 🙂 We tell patients all the time to keep your intensity at the lower level but once or twice a week try something different, get your intensity up a little higher than usual and see what happens. I bet you’ll be losing weight in no time!

Happy Exercise!

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