Obesity is very common and for many people – it hinders how they live their day to day lives. One popular way to help lose weight is through a surgical procedure called gastric banding, also known as lap band surgery.

Gastric banding involves placing an adjustable belt around the top part of the stomach through laparoscopic surgery. The silicone band can be tightened by adding saline to fill it and it’s connected to a port that is put under the skin of the abdomen. The port will remove or add saline to the band.

The band will restrict the size of the stomach and the amount of food that it will hold. It slows the passage of food that enters the intestine and will signal the brain to make the stomach feel fuller with a lesser amount of food.

Are you a candidate for Lap Band Surgery?

Generally, candidates for lap band surgery need to be over age 18 and have a body mass index (BMI) of 35 to 40 and will need to have medical conditions that are related to being overweight or obese, including diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea.

Doctors will also look at the patient’s medical history to determine if traditional diet and exercise has ever been effective. Patients that have a history of gastrointestinal, heart, or lung issues will need to be evaluated carefully, as this can make them very high risk for the surgery.

If you are considering this surgery to help lose weight, contact our team of professionals at WeightWise. We will discuss your options, look closely at your medical history, and talk to you about what preparations you need to take if surgery is right for you.

Many times, lifestyle changes need to happen before surgery, including eating smaller meals and weaning off of higher calorie foods. Watch one of our seminars or contact us today to schedule an appointment and talk to our experienced doctors and surgeons about getting your weight loss journey started!

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