WeightWise Bariatric Program started with a commitment to safe operations and long-term health of post-bariatric surgery patients. This was an uncommon feature in 2006 when WeightWise opened in Oklahoma City.

Due to the continued growth of our post-op patient base (about 500 new patients per year) and the dramatic increase in non-surgical weight loss patients, WeightWise has restructured so that we may keep our original commitments.

What You Need to Know

To accommodate the physical expansion, the nurse practitioners are moving to a more accommodating space at 200 N. Bryant (about 2 miles away). Their clinic will continue to be called Metabolic Center of Oklahoma (MCO). WeightWise (the surgeons, dietitians, exercise physiologists, psychologist and the nutritional store) will continue in the current location. To accommodate for the growth in patient numbers and the physical distance between MCO and WW, we are implementing a new electronic medical record called Athena. This new system offers more robust features, especially regarding the interface to communicate to patients…as well as between providers. So the care of patients can be housed under one digital “roof.’”

Change can be challenging to all involved: Patients, staff and providers.

In that regard, we wanted to communicate several “to do’s” to lessen the anxiety and map a path through the inevitable trials and tribulations that accompany change.

1. If you email the office, you may get an email with similar info to this note
2. Of course, if there is any urgent issue that you need addressed regarding your bariatric surgery don’t hesitate to call your surgeon:

Toby Broussard – (405) 974-8412
Greg Walton – (405) 476-6675

If for some reason you cannot reach your surgeon, call Summit Medical Center and ask for the bariatric surgeon on call (405) 359-2424.

3. If you had bariatric surgery greater than 3 months ago, MCO will be handling the routine care, labs and medical questions for you (as they do now). If you need to reach them please call (405) 832-6881 or email MCO@metaboliccenterok.com. If something urgent arises and you cannot get ahold of MCO staff or providers – see “Number 2” above

4. Very important. If you haven’t already, register in the Athena patient portal. This will be the primary method of communication, lab results, appointment requests, refills etc. The link is: Athena Patient Portal

We are grateful to all of our patients for putting their trust in WeightWise since we started in this location and we look forward to continuing care into the future!

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