running shoe

By Lauren Wilburn

Look no further! I buy almost all of my running/walking shoes from Oklahoma City’s locally owned Red Coyote Running and Fitness store. The staff at the Red Coyote is exceptional! I have always been treated with respect from the very friendly staff.  I have sent several clients their way and all have come back with great feed back. I truly believe your fitness can start with your shoes! If I don’t have the right kind of shoe on I can almost guarantee my feet are going to be hurting by the end of the day.  About 8 years ago I ran my first half marathon with my college roommate Amber. By the end of the run my feet were in great pain and I even ended up losing a toe nail…..not the most attractive thing before summer! So I decided maybe Nike Shocks were not for me. So I went to Elite Feet and the guy immediately said I was crazy for running in Nike Shocks and I have a full size to small! To SMALL? I wear a size 10 so I was so embarrassed to have to go up a size but he said that is why I lost my toe nail. So I tried some different brands and ended up in Asics. LOVE THEM!!!! I needed a stability shoe and never knew it! Having the right shoe changed my running completely! A few years ago Red Coyote went up in Classen Curve and so I went to see what it was all about. I was amazed at the staff but also that they performed a gait test to make sure I was in the right shoe! https://www.redcoyoterunning.com/

So if you are looking for a new shoe for exercise, look no further! Go see what the Red Coyote has to offer!


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