Metabolic surgery, specifically Gastric Bypass surgery, is beneficial for diabetes treatment. Those with diabetes often have blood sugar levels drop within days of their procedure. In fact, metabolic surgery is now recognized as a standard treatment option for Type II diabetes (T2DM) by professional medical organizations worldwide.

Metabolic Surgery as Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Weight loss alone can improve diabetes. While metabolic surgery contributes significantly to weight reduction, the immediate improvement in blood sugar levels within days of surgery suggest diabetes remission can be from the surgery itself, not weight loss. This is where current research is focused: the surgery-induced changes that occur independent of weight loss. Changes in the secretion of GI hormones, changes in fat tissue, and insulin resistance may all play a role.

What is diabetes remission?

  • reducing blood sugar levels to normal levels
  • eliminating the need for diabetes medications

Type 2 Diabetes Remission with Metabolic Surgery

Metabolic surgery is better at lowering blood sugars into diabetic remission than diet and exercise treatments.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass is the most common metabolic surgery in the United States. The operation results in significant weight-loss and causes remission of T2DM in 80 percent of patients and an improvement of the disease in an additional 15 percent of patients.

The Gastric Sleeve surgery has gained in popularity and is found to be just as effective for weight loss as the gastric bypass. Diabetes remission rates after sleeve gastrectomy are also very high (more than 60%) and, in some studies, similar to results seen after gastric bypass.

The Single Anastamosis Duodenal Switch operation is most effective in inducing early and sustained remission of T2DM with an 85 percent remission rate. This surgery also has the highest weight loss percentage; however, the surgery can carry more risks than the gastric bypass or sleeve. Regular follow up with your bariatric care team is vital with this procedure.

Weighing the Benefits

The risks of long term diabetes can be substantial. Heart disease, blindness, and kidney failure are just a few risks associated with T2DM. Metabolic surgery is recognized as a standard treatment option for diabetes. To learn more about metabolic surgery and diabetes remission, contact us or attend one of our free informational seminars.

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