March is National Nutrition Month. And we love nutrition here at WeightWise. So what better way to celebrate nutrition than to devote our New Year’s Resolution: March to enjoying what we eat.

Every year a topic for National Nutrition Month is selected, and this year the topic is “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”. I think we could all use a little help in this area. Too many times I hear phrases like, “If it’s good for you, it won’t taste good” or “The better it tastes, the worse it is for you”. I want to dispel all of these half truths.

Eating right can taste good and flavorful. It does not have to be boring or mundane or bland. So I challenge you to a resolution this month of enjoying your food. The challenge (if you dare to accept it) is to try at least one new food, recipe, or cooking method once per week for the month of March.  

Throughout the month we will bring you brand new recipes and cooking techniques. Don’t worry, we won’t go all Andrew Zimmern on you and post a recipe about braised cockroaches. But you can look forward to a series of Yogurt Sauces, innovative recipes like the Carrot and Rutabaga Mash, and how to find and create recipes.

My hope is that with this resolution, you will not only find new recipes and foods that you love, but also learn to appreciate how great healthy food truly can be. Remember, just because we have started a new resolution doesn’t mean the last two are out of the picture. Continue to work on your meal planning and fluid goals! ~Lauren

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