Our Patient Spotlight this month is Arlene. She made the decision to save her life with the Gastric Bypass surgery at WeightWise. She not only lost 93 pounds since her surgery over 2 years ago but the liver disease she lived with for so long was cured!

Are you living with a condition that can be managed or even cured with a metabolic surgery? WeightWise might be your answer like it was for Arlene.

Thank you, Arlene, for sharing your journey with us!

Patient Spotlight: Arlene

Six years ago I was diagnosed with Non alcoholic fatty liver disease.  For four years, under the direction of my liver specialist I yoyo’d up and down 25 to 30 pounds but I was quickly losing my battle. My specialist had done some research and discovered that Gastric Bypass had a 96% cure rate for my type of liver disease.  In October of 2013 he told me that if I didn’t do something soon I wouldn’t be able to reverse the effects of the damage to my liver. My motivation was not so much about weight loss as it was about saving my life. Motivation to have a second chance at accomplishing a healthy body, healthy habits, reversing diabetes and all that comes with the benefits of merely being “Healthy”.  And most importantly, “live” to meet my future grandchildren and watch the grandchildren I have grow up. To be here for my family and grow old with my husband.  Something I think too many of us take for granted.  I never really put much thought into that number on a scale as much as I know I felt terrible. All the time! No energy, no want to do anything and food choices often added to the “terrible” as that comes with diabetes. And honestly, I never realized just how bad I really felt until the weight was gone. For the first time since high school I truly felt good.  Tons of energy, drive, enthusiasm and I want to go, go, go and seldom tire.

When I decided it was time to replace my wardrobe I thought I should try things on as I sorted through them.  As I did, the memories came flooding thru my mind of occasions or moments that were associated with particular items and I quickly realized I had accomplished what myself, my support team, Dr. Broussard, Lauren and Colby as well as my family believed I could do.  Not only had I exceeded my goal, I had gone from a size 22 to a size 2.  Something I could never imagined possible.  Another big moment was when after only six months post op I visited my liver specialist and my test results showed that not only had all my labs returned to normal, he told me that he never wanted to see me “again”.  Not that he wouldn’t if I needed him but he believed I would never need him again.  It took a little bit for his words to soak in and needless to say it was very emotional for me.  By the Grace of God I was given a second chance to live and LIVE I will.   

As for advice to others on the day of surgery, even though you are scared of what this event will bring, embrace it with all that you have.  T is a tool, learn to use that tool to the best of your ability.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions cause there’s no such thing as a dumb question. 

One thing that I do every day to ensure success is drink, drink, drink your fluids.  Not only does it keep you hydrated it keeps hunger away and boosts energy levels.  And never stop taking the vitamins!!

I chose Weightwise for a variety of reasons but the most important to me was the “whole package”.  Support groups, ongoing diet and exercise consults and the follow up for two years after surgery. A lot of other programs don’t offer that and I believe that accountability ensures long term success. Dr. Broussard and his team have the knowledge and they are only a phone call away when you need them and they truly care about you. 

Don’t wait another minute, just do it!!

Are you interested in sharing your story on our Patient Spotlight? Please contact Lauren at lauren.a@weightwise.com

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