Our patient spotlight stories are meant to do a few things. I want to share the life stories of a few people who have been working closely with us for a long while. I want them to tell you why they wanted to change, what they have accomplished, and how they did it. But most of all, I want each of you reading this to see a little bit of yourself in these stories- to see that any sort of change (whether it is emotional, physical, or spiritual) is possible with the right motivation and support around you. 

John is one of those people you want around you when you need some motivation and support. He is the first to tell you that changing your lifestyle is not easy, but it is so worth it. My favorite thing he says? “Choose to be the person that is the success story!” I cannot say enough about John. So I want you to read his story and maybe think about what your success story will look like one day…

  • What has been your motivation?(null)_1

I have been overweight since 1985 and I have struggled from diet to diet. I have lost weight and my self esteem over and over each time- really beat myself up good. I am a food-aholic. I was out of control and helpless to stop because I had reached the point that I believed I was worthless and a failure.  I focused on food and lost my drive for life.  All I wanted was to worry about what was next to eat and was I going to get enough to make it to the next meal.  I was out of control.


  •  Have you met any goals or had any “wow” moments? 

I had my surgery on April 8, 2014.  I reached my weight goal by February 1, 2015. I have lost 160 lbs, with help from my family and the support staff at Weightwise, I now weigh 189 lbs. The “wow” moment came when I realized I was no longer driven be food.  I was driven by the thought that I was making a difference in my own life.  The people at Weightwise and my family were the driving force behind feeling good about myself again. Doing the plan set out for you, never straying from the plan, will bring a life change.  I feel sorry for myself every once in a while.  Then I realize I am so much better off now.  I really like myself again.

  • Looking back, what advise would you give yourself the day of the surgery?

No worries. Be positive because your life is about to change for the good.  I had surgery, went home the next day and back to work the next.  Never any pain or any complications.  This was definitely a life changer! So many people at the office honestly care about you as an individual.

  • What is the one thing you do every day to ensure your long term success?

There are really two things I do to ensure long term success. The first is to eat what the staff told me, how the staff told me, and when the staff told me.  This is essential.. I never stray. The second thing is to do some form of exercise every day. This can be casual or demanding, but always something.

  • Why did you choose Weightwise?

IMG_2086Weight wise was an easy choice for me. I had a co-worker that came to Weightwise and told me of the great people associated with the organization.  She was loosing weight but the main thing was the fact that she was so sold on all the wonderful people that honestly cared if you succeeded.  Weightwise is a game changer!

  • Other information you would like to share/include.

Couple of thoughts-  Failure is not an option with Weight wise!  You have not lost your will to loose. You can and will change your life. It’s not a weight loss surgery, it is a change of life forever.  This is a life changing event and treat it as a life changing event!  Choose to be the person that is the success story and do exactly what you are told, never stray from the plan you are given, because you are worth it! You will love yourself again!!


Be the success story. ~Lauren 

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