Good things: I am 21 weeks now. My energy level is great. I have no nausea. Baby is growing like a weed— my app tells me he/she (or shim as we call the little one) is the size of a banana this week. We already have a crib for shim to catch some zzz’s.  All good things. 

Bad things: I was working on my baby shower address list last night and couldn’t think of my best friend’s last name. Seriously. If this is what they mean by pregnancy brain, it is for the birds. Pass the B-Complex so hopefully I can remember how to tie my shoes tomorrow. 

photo via www.healthline.com

photo via www.healthline.com

I was lucky with my first trimester. I had a little nausea during the 1st trimester, but nothing like I hear some women experience. By about my 14th week, I was feeling back to ‘normal’. I did have to use some tricks to control my stomach during those first weeks though…especially since I talk about food all day long. 

These tricks helped me combat the nausea during the 1st trimester so I could continue to function. If you have any of your own tips or tricks to add, please leave them in the comments! 

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