As physicians, we work to understand our patients and their bodies. What’s best for them? How can we help them live a healthy, active lifestyle that celebrates the gift of life? For some patients, extra weight hinders the ability to get out and enjoy things that others may take for granted and in recent years, weight loss surgery has been able to help patients lose the weight that has held them back for years. There are a lot of weight loss surgery options out there now and centers that claim to specialize in it.

So, what makes WeightWise different?

#1: We work alongside you.

Our medical team at WeightWise recognizes that helping patients get healthy can sometimes take a village. For this reason, we are committed to working alongside other providers to help improve their patient’s lifestyles and health. Whether you work in general practice, cardiology, gastrointestinal medicine, or something else, we won’t take your patients from you, but instead will work in tandem with you to help your patients live the life they are destined for.

#2: Our facility is unmatched.

We are proud to offer patients access to our state-of-the-art facility and our incredible team of experienced weight loss surgeons and specialists. To say it simply: our all-inclusive program stands out from other surgery centers in the area. Whether it’s gastric sleeve, switch, bypass, or band surgery, we look closely at your patient’s notes and medical history to make sure we find the right surgery that meets each patient’s specific health requirements.  

#3: Experience.

Our surgeons bring decades of medical experience to the table. Our medical support staff is detail oriented and friendly, making sure that patients get the answers to the questions that they need to proceed. We have the hands-on expertise that patients deserve and that you as a physician would expect.  

Who should be referred to our team at WeightWise?  

  • Patients with a BMI >40
  • Patients with a BMI of 35 who also have sleep apnea and diabetes

Making the decision to have weight loss surgery is a big one and referring patients to have this surgery is one that should be carefully thought out, too. We are committed to the success of each surgery we perform and will work in tandem with you for follow up appointments to be sure that the patient is recovering well and getting the best care possible.

Ready to help get your patients to the next level of their life through weight loss surgery? Contact our team at WeightWise today.

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