Exciting News!

We are continuing the work of updating patient data (current weight, stats and labs) for a research study to be published in refereed medical journals.

This survey does not have to be printed, faxed, or mailed as did our previous data collection survey. We only ask that you fill out the information on the link below, then click submit. The fancy computers will do the rest. 


Thank you in advance for your continued support!  We are excited to contribute to the body of science with this research study for bariatric surgeries and the benefits that stem from weight loss. 

Please spread the word, check out our website and “like” us on Facebook. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out. Alexis Persico
Study Coordinator
WeightWise Bariatric Program
ph: (405) 715-7177
fax: (405) 844-3440

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