Here are some helpful tips on avoiding the snow day snack attack- written by OU Dietetic Intern Caytlin Snodgrass

So, you’re snowed in with nothing to do, and temptation is calling from the kitchen.  What can you do to avoid grazing all day?  Here are 10 tips help you say no to eating your snow days away.
1. Stay out of the kitchen. It is harder to avoid snacking when you’re around it all day. Hang out in a room with no food to decrease the temptation to eat.
2. Chew sugar free gum. It will keep your mouth occupied and satiate any urges for something sweet.
3. Drink water! This will keep your stomach full and ensure you get your required 64 oz of water for the day.
4. Get outside. If able, get out and do something simple like walking around your house a couple times.     This can help you avoid eating while alleviating cabin fever.
5. Work on a hobby. Anything from reading to quilting to playing piano will keep your mind off food, while keeping you out of the kitchen.  
6. Give someone a call. Taking time to catch up with Aunt Matilda or a friend from college will give you someone outside the house to talk to rather than relying on food as a companion.
7. Get started on an indoor work out plan. What a great time to break out the treadmill you haven’t been on in months! Anything from resistance bands to Pilates can get you active and occupy your time.
8. Take a nap. There is no better time to catch up on much needed sleep than a snow day. Not only will it keep you from eating, but it can also improve your overall mood.
9. Brush your teeth. A great way to alter the taste of food is by brushing before eating. Tempting foods will loss their appeal, and it’s great for your oral health.
10. Clean the house. This is a great way to burn calories and avoid eating while tidying up the house. Caution in cleaning the kitchen. Cleaning the bathroom will be less tempting than cleaning out the fridge.
Caytlin Snodgrass, OUHSC Dietetic Student

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