I have many people ask me about what type of equipment they should purchase. We never require that any one go out and buy a piece of equipment but if you choose to that is wonderful. I personally like the treadmill over the elliptical but many others do not agree.  I have listed some advantages and disadvantages below.



-Price, treadmills are not  a cheap piece of equipment. In fact treadmills that can hold more weight can add up to be around $4,000. I would suggest shopping around and trying different brands to see which one will work for you.

-Limited on workouts: you can either go faster or slower, higher or lower, those are about your options.

-Can get boring. One of my favorite movies is the “First Wives Club”, and there is a part in that movie with Elies on the stair master and Brenda asking why she isn’t frustrated because she has climbed and climbed but hasn’t gotten anywhere. This is how I feel sometimes. I walk and walk and yet still in the same place.


-You can control the speed! You can set the speed where ever you like it.

-You can control the incline, this can make your workout more challenging than just walking on a flat surface.

– You have absolutely no excuse to not exercise. There is a piece of equipment staring you right in the face.




-Price, these can also get expensive

-Speed, you can’t set the speed on the elliptical, it is your own control and stride speed

-You must maintain good posture


-Less stressful on your joints.

-Have upper body hand poles

-You can pedal in reverse to give other muscles little more of a workout


Over all I am still sold on the treadmill, however they are both great pieces of equipment. If you are interested in getting either of them I would go try several brands and do your research before buying on.

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