Hey everyone!!

Hope you are all enjoying the New Year. I just wanted to remind you all of the beneficial exercising testing that we offer at WeightWise. We offer the VO2 Assessment and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). These assessment tools allow us to monitor your heart rate and analyze the composition of every breath (oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange) at rest as well as during exercise. By measuring the body’s physiological responses during exercise, we can determine how many calories are burned as well as what type (fat or carbohydrate). Your peak oxygen uptake (VO2) and specific heart rate training zones will be prescribed to maximize fat burn as opposed to carbohydrate utilization. The results will be used by the Exercise Physiologist to create a personalized exercise program to ensure maximal success in achieving your weight loss and fitness goal.
We want to teach you to “Exercise smarter, not harder!”

Contact us at 405-359-2472 to find out what your metabolism is doing and where to workout to be most efficient!

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