The stomach virus has hit this dietitian’s home and doesn’t want to go away!  We all know how miserable it can be….the vomiting, gas, stomach cramps & diarrhea.  But dehydration can also be a big issue when a stomach virus invades.  Here are 10 ways to survive a stomach virus (especially if you are a weight loss surgery patient).

1.  Wash your hands!  Diligent hand washing is your best defense against the stomach virus because we all know (or should know) that the stomach flu spreads when viruses from infected feces/vomit get into our mouths.  GROSS!  So wash your hands and clean surfaces to prevent spreading the virus.

2.  Focus on fluids!  Remember, when in doubt focus on fluids.  Eating is not top priority with a stomach virus. Drink as much as you can to replace all the fluids lost.  It’s also a good idea to include some electrolyte based drinks & warm broths.

3.  Eat foods that are bland and easier to digest!  I know we encourage you to eat foods that taste great and recommend using lots of herbs/spices/marinades, but avoid these things while fighting a stomach virus.  Also stay away from fatty cuts of meat and dairy products, which are harder to digest.  Examples of bland foods that are better tolerated include:  eggs, chicken breast,  and light flaky fish such as tilapia.

4.  It’s okay to stop your vitamins!  Some vitamins irritate the stomach and will make your gas, bloating and cramps worse.  So don’t worry about taking all your vitamins and minerals while you are suffering.  I do recommend you continue your probiotic though!

5.  Advance your diet slowly!  Take it easy for a few days after you feel better.  Continue to focus on foods that are easily digested and keep portions small.

As always, if you feel like you are dehydrated and not able to keep up with your stomach virus, be sure to call your surgeon or doctor.  Here’s hoping you don’t need these tips!  ~ Chris


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