Sometimes it can be difficult to remember to get all of your hydrating fluids in.  Luckily there is an app to help solve this problem. The app is called waterlogged. One of my patients recently told me about this app, so yes the geeky dietitian came out and I downloaded it myself. So how does it work?

Once the app has downloaded, it will automatically sets your fluid goal to 64 oz, however you can change it to whatever you want. I set my goal for 96 oz daily! Once your goal is set this screen will appear:

water1 From this screen you can record all of your fluid intake. Hit the red button that says “record drink” to add fluid to your log.  From this screen it will take you to the screen below. Now, if you want to just add 8-16.9 fl oz. (size of a cup/water bottle), all you have to do is push the button that says “record glass”. However if you want to play with the app and make it a little more fun, you can actually add a picture of the fluid that you are drinking (ie: vitamin water zero, crystal light, powerade zero) and set up the amount of oz/mL/L in the bottle by just pushing the plus sign next to the water bottle (This makes it easier to add if you drink the same type of drinks every day). For example, I added a vitamin water zero that is 20 oz, that way it is an easy add versus having to add two different fluid intakes for 1 drink! PS. you can add 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 of the bottle/glass for those patients that hate drinking their fluid after it has reached room temp- this is a GREAT tool to help you keep track of those fluids so that you know exactly how much more you need!









Hit “record glass” to record your intake. Once you have done this it will go back to your main screen and fill your bottle with the fluids you have recorded. This screen will show you how many ounces you have recorded so far!



Once you have recorded 64 oz, a pop up will appear congratulating you on this accomplishment. The next screen will then show that 1 of your smaller water bottles is blue with a white check mark; this indicates that you have recorded your first 64 oz! Aim for more- you can do it!

So this is great and all, but what about those of you who simply just forget about drinking because let’s be honest- we are all BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Well that’s another beauty of this app, you can set up “motivators.” To find this, click the “i” in the bottom right corner, the screen below will open. Under the motivator section, you can set up reminders with specific times, intervals, or randomly where the app will alert you to drink! You can also keep track of your friends fluid intake and give them encouragement. Accountability partners are GREAT!











This app is free and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It’s great for everyone, remember 64-96 oz hydrating fluids daily! YOU.CAN.DO.IT!

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