No surprise to anyone that has seen me recently! We are about to welcome Baby Paxton to the WeightWise family! While you may see me waddling around a little while longer, my due date is rapidly approaching, June 17th!!

A lot of my patients have opened up to me about wanting to add a little one to their family. Now seems like a perfect time to share some of my tips for surviving pregnancy:

  • Diet: The all day nausea of early pregnancy can make it hard to stay on track with diet. I found that eating bland, cold protein foods helped get me through the first 12 weeks: cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt were definitely my friends.  Also plan, plan, plan- late pregnancy absolutely wears you out, so cooking in bulk on the weekends and crockpot meals during the week have really helped me make better choices. When cravings hit, I always try to remind myself how much better I feel when I eat well:)
  • Hydrate: 96 ounces of hydrating fluids is what it takes every day for me to feel “normal”.
  • Vitamins: For the health of you and baby, now is not the time to get lax on your vitamin regimen. Taking them in the evening to help with nausea has worked for me.
  • Exercise: Regular walking has helped me keep my energy up, and weekly prenatal yoga has been great for relaxation. managing stress, and bonding with other mammas!
  • Relaxation: Probably the biggest challenge for me! Nap when you can and ask for help:)

  Could be those hormones, but I’m feeling it’s a good time to extend my warmest thanks to all of my wonderful patients, whether you have been with me since the cat got out of the bag or last week. I know you come to see me for my help, but I can’t say how much you have brightened my days with your  kind words, congratulations, advice, and baby stories. I also can’t forget my amazing “work family”. Everyone here at WeightWise has offered an incredible amount of support during this journey! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the  team for everything!

 It has been an incredible journey, but with the completion of the nursery and baby supplies in abundance I’m more than ready for a new journey to begin. I would like to welcome our new dietitian, Yusra, who will be filling my shoes for the summer! It has been a pleasure to spend the last few weeks getting to know her and hope that she has a great  time as part of this team!


Have a great summer everyone,


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