After you have bariatric surgery, there will be a variety of different lifestyle changes you will need to make in order to experience the greatest weight loss results. Weight loss surgery is a major event in your life and changing your diet will help transform the way you look and feel. What can you eat and what is taboo? What about some of your favorite go-to breakfast items like eggs and oatmeal? Here’s what you need to know about bariatric sleeve surgery and oatmeal.

Here, we will provide some nutrition ideas that will help you experience amazing long-term results that help you reach your goal of being a new you.

First things first: We do not recommend patients consuming oatmeal at any point after surgery.

Nutrition Details

After surgery, our dietitians at WeightWise will work with you to help create a customized meal plan. Your meal plan will be one of the most momentous adjustments you will need to make.

Immediately after surgery, you will be required to have an all-liquid diet for two weeks post-surgery. Then you can work your way up to soft proteins, and then food that has a more normal consistency.

The first few months after bariatric surgery are key to healing and setting a new routine.

One of the most important details to remember is that you will need to eliminate carbohydrates for life to ensure that your weight loss remains maintained.

Oatmeal does contain protein, but it also contains carbohydrates. Therefore, you will need to avoid it completely. The same goes for steel-cut oats.


If you aren’t sure what will work during recovery and beyond, don’t worry. Our team at WeightWise will help you plan. This includes cautioning you away from bariatric sleeve surgery and oatmeal post-surgery.

Contact our team today to see if weight loss surgery is right for you. We have multiple options (gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, etc.), and we’ll work with you to decide which is your best option.

Once you decide on a surgery, we’ll continue to work with you both pre-surgery and post-surgery to make sure you have all the tools, information, and resources you need to maintain a healthy weight. Surgery is just one part of a healthy lifestyle change, and we want you to know that we’ll be here to assist you with whatever you need to make the most of your choice to have weight loss surgery.

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