Once you have bariatric surgery, your diet will change drastically. For a while, you will be restricted to just having soft protein foods. So when you reach the soft food milestone, it is an exciting accomplishment. And it’s time to start thinking about bariatric soft food breakfast ideas.

As you transition into this phase of the diet, many patients are unsure of what they can eat. Here, we’ll provide some soft food breakfast ideas in addition to some information on how much you should be eating.

Eating soft foods helps your body to easily digest them. During this phase, fruits, vegetables, and denser meats will continue to be avoided.

All grains, including bread, rice, oatmeal, and pasta will be restricted from your diet after bariatric surgery. These foods are high in carbohydrates and can be uncomfortable to digest and contribute to weight gain later.

Common soft breakfast foods:

  • Eggs (you can eat them in whatever form you like best: scrambled, hardboiled, etc.
  • Cooked beans
  • Cheese
  • Greek yogurt
  • Shaved deli meats
  • Cottage cheese
  • Tofu

Some great breakfast meal options would be scrambled eggs with cheese or a serving of cottage cheese. A little bit will go a long way!

Foods to avoid after bariatric surgery:

  • Tough meat
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Starches (bread, rice, potatoes, etc)

When you move to the soft food stage, you will need to be careful about how much food you take in at one time. You should also eat more slowly than what you may be used to. Take between 20 minutes and 30 minutes to eat a meal. You should get used to taking smaller bites, chewing well, and pausing between bites.

Everyone progresses at a different pace post-op and portions vary from person to person. Portions will gradually increase as patients progress through the post-op diet stages. The goal is to make sure you eat enough high-protein foods at each meal.

Listen to your body and the signals it’s giving to tell you that you are full or hungry.

After gastric bypass surgery, patients often wonder when they can begin to eat solid foods or sugar-free beverages

The team at WeightWise will help guide you before, during, and after your bariatric surgery. We want you to lose weight but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sense of wellbeing.

To that end, we’ll make sure all of your questions are answered and offer a variety of nutritional plans that help make your new soft diet easier to follow.

Contact us today to learn more about bariatric surgery and to see if it’s right for you.

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