Defining a successful bariatric surgery means looking beyond what takes place on the operating table. Crucial to one’s long-term success after bariatric surgery is diet and exercise. And one of the most important meals that make up a well-rounded, post-bariatric diet? Breakfast. Specifically, bariatric surgery breakfast food.

This blog post is intended for those who have recovered from surgery and are beginning their post-bariatric lives. For diet recommendations and restrictions immediately following surgery, click here.

Choosing bariatric surgery breakfast foods doesn’t need to be a complex task. In the months that follow your bariatric surgery, stick to your doctor’s recommendations, and you’ll be just fine.

In fact, you may be delighted to find out just how many scrumptious bariatric breakfast foods can be! Just remember to focus on doctor- and dietitian-recommended foods and watch your portion sizes.

And do remember to eat breakfast. While it may not necessarily be the most important meal of the day, dieting should never consist of skipping meals but rather eating fewer servings of healthy, natural, well-balanced ones.

With your smaller stomach, it should be relatively simple to restrict your caloric intake. Just take it one meal at a time every day of the week.

Breakfast Foods: Post-Bariatric Surgery

With those basics out of the way, you can begin building your bariatric surgery breakfast food diet. You’ve healed from surgery, and now it’s also time to build some new eating habits.

Most patients can begin eating regular foods around one month after surgery. Choose lean foods that are high in proteins and low in both fat and sugar content.

Ham and eggs are a good choice. It’s protein-packed! You might also consider cooking up a breakfast omelet with eggs and a little chicken. Or make a spinach omelet, instead.

Omelets are a great way to get your protein while adding loads of fresh and healthy ingredients, such as green vegetables, mushrooms, and tomatoes. You can add black beans into your breakfast recipes, but keep those to a minimum after bariatric surgery.

Quick side note: The dietitians at WeightWise can do wonders with eggs, including breakfast muffins that are both low carb and high flavor. Ask about them!

No matter what breakfast food you choose post-op, WeightWise is here to support you. We can offer a wider range of expertise and recommendations specifically tailored to your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about bariatric foods, bariatric surgery breakfast foods, protein powders, vitamins and supplements, or just generally eating healthy after bariatric surgery.

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