Barre Class WeightWise

“Where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates”.

This is a new work out trend that I have noticed popping up all around the metro. I haven’t tried it personally but as soon as I can get into a class I’m there. I’m always looking for a new exercise routine to help target all the “trouble areas”. I’ve tried hot yoga, loved it and still do it on occasion.  I really like pilates because it is low impact and I can do it while watching television at home, as long as my puppy is distracted. But this barre 3 really caught my attention because I had some girlfriends talking about it. We have a location in Oklahoma city and the Edmond location will be open soon.  The girls I have talked to say its a great workout with a great variety and a lot more fun and enjoyable than just walking on a treadmill. This type of exercise may be great for someone who is post op and is really getting closer to their goal weight and really looking to transform their body. Check out the website for yourself.


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