You probably experience it daily, the time when energy levels and productivity comes to a grinding halt and your mind turns to a foggy mess. “Arsenic Hour” is how one writer put it; the rest of us know it as “the 3:00 crash“. 

Reason for this is people continually spike their blood sugar throughout the day. High glycemic foods like bagels, pasta, and sweets will give a quick boost and then have you begging for energy later.

We wanted to list 10 foods that can help you avoid this. They’re “day-saving snacks” – meaning they’ll keep you energized steadily throughout the day.

1. Eggs

These are a great way to start your day, namely due to their rich levels of choline and vitamin B. Choline is a great boost for your metabolism and is also great for stimulating your central nervous system.

2. Citrus

Easy to pair with your eggs, any type of citrus—oranges, kiwi, grapefruit—can enhance energy and alertness. The immune-boosting Vitamin C isn’t too bad, either.

3. Walnuts

Walnuts are a prominent source for melatonin, which helps regulate your body clock and enhances your sleep. Since the body produces less of it as it ages, and not everyone enjoys supplements, walnuts can be added to a meal with hopes of boosting the next one.

4. Green tea

Coffee may be the obvious choice, but green tea is a more low-key alternative to late day boost. The presence of L-theanine gives you alertness without jitters, and also protects against things like the flu or common cold.

5. Crab

You’ll probably see salmon on many health lists; crab, however, is another underwater food source that’s packed with vitamins and proteins that can make you feel tremendous. Its high Vitamin B12 content helps transport oxygen to the brain, allowing clear-thinking and constant mental energy.

6. Edamame

Edamame doesn’t get hardly the praise it deserves: it’s a terrific source of protein along with some healthy fat and fiber. You can bring a bowl to work to enjoy with your lunch or a structured snack (avoid grazing mindlessly on snack foods throughout the day).

For cooking ideas, you can always check out or recipes that we’ve written about. We’ve got different recipes for any meal of the day!

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