Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most popular weight loss procedures available as it is highly effective. During the surgery, the doctor will reduce the stomach size by at least half, which will alter the digestion process, which causes you to eat less.

Once the surgery is done, the stomach will only hold a few ounces of food at one time, which means you will feel full quicker. However, if you overeat, you could cause your new smaller stomach to stretch. The good news is that you can help avoid the stretch after gastric sleeve surgery.

Here’s how to avoid Gastric Sleeve Stretch:

Don’t eat and drink together: It is better to drink fluids an hour or so after the meal but not with your meal. This allows fluids to digest and it won’t increase the amount of gas that can build in the stomach and limit the amount of space for nutrient-rich food.

Avoid certain foods: When you undergo this kind of surgery, it’s important to avoid foods that are high in sugar, carbs, and saturated fats. These can leave the stomach pouch quickly and cause it to dump into the small intestine, which can be alarming and uncomfortable.

Identify first signs of fullness or satisfaction: Eat slowly and take small bites. If you eat too fast or bites are too big, you will feel uncomfortable and get full very quickly. But if you allow yourself 20-30 minutes to eat, you will fill your small pouch appropriately and stay full longer, which will cut down on snacking and grazing. (Remember, snacking often makes drinking your fluids difficult because you cannot eat and drink together).

Get support: Undergoing weight loss surgery is a radical transformation in your life and how your body processes food. There is no shame in asking for help and support as you walk this new journey toward healthier living. Surround yourself with friends and family that will help encourage you and keep you accountable. Our team at WeightWise is ready to support your new lifestyle, too!

Not sure if gastric sleeve surgery is right for you? Attend one of our seminars or watch one online to see how we can help you. Or contact our team at WeightWise for information on getting your weight loss journey started!

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