There is not a lot that just really gets me fired up more than the issue of childhood obesity. I knew that this was going to be something I was very passionate about from when I was in high school. It was after swim practice and I went to Quick Trip with my mom and I saw this very over weight kid filling a 40 ounce cup full of Pepsi, I started crying right in the middle of the store. I just felt so bad and sad for him. I knew that being a teenager was really hard but to be over weight and a teenager had to be even worse. Who knows if that boy felt the same way but it just broke my heart. From then on I knew I wanted to work in the weight loss field. This morning I was reading this article on abcnews.com and it just really struck home with me.  I realize many people do what they can with what they have but I see childhood obesity as something that can be helped at an early age. Get your children active and teach them good habits at a young age. If you yourself don’t have very good habits then go to someone who might and ask for help. I’m sure you have all heard that overweight children now will most likely not get past the age of 50-60 because they will have developed diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. Please check out this article and help our children live a longer life.


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