Do you give yourself time to breathe? I hear so often complaints of high-stress, no free time, and low energy days. So I asked our resident yogi here at WeightWise what people can do ANYWHERE. No special equipment required. Here is what Alexis Persico said…

These days we all live at such a crazy fast and stress-filled pace, we need an energy boost and also some calm anywhere we can grab it.  With caffeine and sugar as not good health options, and therapy and medication as not always ideal you might think you are stuck. But did you know you there is a quick, healthy, do anywhere and FREE way to revive your mind and body in times of need?  Yes, indeed- CONSCIOUS BREATHING.

Breathing is essential to living. (Obviously.)  It is something we all already do. (Again obviously.) However, we may have never really explored conscious breathing. Conscious breathing is the ancient practice of taking control of your breath- bringing more oxygen into your body.  This will result in revitalizing your energy and refocusing your mind. 

To get started, breathe deeply. 

  • On the in-breath take it in through your nose slowly and evenly, guiding the air through the abdomen.  (Your stomach should expand.) 
  • On the out-breath take it out your nose at the same pace as you brought it in. (Your stomach should contract.) 
  • Repeat as desired.   That’s it!

It is normal to feel a little light headed or perhaps a bit warm.  If you need a cool down take a few exhales out of your mouth.  To take the process a bit further consider closing your eyes.  If in a chair plant both feet firmly on the ground, and rest your hands open in your lap.  You could even add in a bit of mindfulness.  Counting the seconds on the inhale and counting the seconds on the exhale.  You could add words.  For example, on the inhale:  “I am”.    On the exhale:  “Calm”. Any words work. 

It might not sound like much but it truly works.  This super easy exercise will revitalize you when you feel sleepy, lethargic, unfocused or stressed to the max.  It simply clears the lungs and realigns your mindful self. 

Happy Breathing! ~Alexis 

If you are interested in taking one of Alexis’ classes, you can find her at: 

This Land Yoga – (https://www.thislandyoga.com/) or

The Myriad Botanical Gardens https://www.facebook.com/events/278918718938071/

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