Weight loss is a life long commitment. It takes hard work and dedication. Everyday. Every. Day. And having a weight loss surgery is no different. Weight loss surgery is not the magic bullet we all wish existed. It is definitely not the ‘easy way out’ that many people will tell you it is. But it is a phenomenal tool. A tool that will help you succeed for your lifetime.

Learning how to use your tool is a big part of what we do at WeightWise. In our Edmond clinic, we preform the procedures, but we also have a team of people at your disposal to make sure you have the best possible outcomes and that you reach your personal goals.

That same team is there when you slip off track. It happens. Seriously, you are not the only one that has a weight regain after surgery. You are not the only one who craves foods they thought were long buried in their memory. In fact, you have been reading the story of two people who fought to lose almost 500lb of body weight combined and are now fighting to maintain that loss.
Amy and Mat getting the products they need for the reboot with WeightWise

Amy and Mat started the Diary of a REBOOT in hopes that their story would help any of you struggling with a regain after weight loss surgery. They detailed all of the triumphs and struggles of going through a reboot. Now they are finished. Here is what they are doing now that the Diary of a REBOOT is over….

MAT: After the reboot, all I could think about was continuing the plan Chris laid out for me, so I NEVER have to do that again!!!!! What Chris said made perfect sense, which for me is a protein supplement morning and mid-morning, a healthy mix of protein (Chicken or Fish) with plenty of vegetables, protein mid afternoon and a healthy dinner similar to lunch. That is fairly manageable for normal people right? My current situation of two hours of training in the morning and evening tends to require more protein supplements and fewer protein meals. There is a fine balance and I (we) believe that there is a way to customize a meal plan for every situation. I look forward to my upcoming race season, and to show every bariatric patient who walks through the doors at WeightWise what is possible when we put our minds to it!

AMY: Food never tasted so good!!!  I found my love of meat and veggies once again.  Sitting down with Chris, my dietitian, gave me a fresh outlook on my bariatric diet.   I think if I would have sat down with her first then done the reboot, I wouldn’t have been successful.  Because I first did the reboot diet, I was primed and ready.  Meat and veggies were like heaven.  They wouldn’t have sounded so great previously after a diet of junk.    After meeting with Chris,  I managed along for a couple of weeks doing just fine and then Christmas hit.  Yikes!  I went out of town and was surrounded by all kind of holiday food…I’m sure you know the drill.   I went off track in a big way but as soon as I came back and the celebrations were over I did the reboot diet for 3 days.  I felt 3 days was enough to rid myself of the desire to keep eating processed carbs.  It worked.  I am now back to eating meats and veggies.   My next goal is 165 and I am working to hit this by the end of March.   I have a VO2 test coming up and will also get to touch base with Chris again to make sure my nutrition is still on track.  I learned that others have struggled too and that has been an encouragement to me, just to know I am not alone.   Finishing the reboot and learning to eat my bariatric diet again has also showed me that I do still in fact have a tiny stomach that will work for me, IF and big IF, I work with it.  Thank you so much WeightWise for not just being a surgery mill but really being a full holistic approach to managing my weight for life.

If you are struggling with weight loss or even a weight regain, do not fight the battle alone. Please call us to make an appointment so we can do it together! Also, do not start the reboot diet without discussing it with your dietitian and/or surgeon first. To make an appointment, please call 405-359-2475. 

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