Some days I sit at my desk and dread 5 o’clock coming because I know that I have to go to the gym after work. However I know that once I get there I will feel much better and have more energy, its just getting there. Does anyone else ever feel that way?
Here are some things that help me get motivated:

1.) I email or text my best friend and have her remind me why it’s important to go to the gym. She is always honest with me and will usually say something that will get me going.

2.) Try a new exercise class at the gym. I’ve been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for 4 years now and I still get intimidated going into a gym. However trying new things makes the time pass a lot quicker and I usually have a good time trying something new and you never know you might find a new workout buddy!

3.) Set small goals, I’m going to get to the gym, then I’m going to find a piece of cardio equipment, I’m going to workout for 5 minutes….if I still feel like I don’t want to be here then I’ll leave….but I rarely ever leave. I always think to myself, “You’ve made it this far, might as well get my 45 minutes in”. You’ll feel better that you stayed!

I hope these tips will help you if you’re ever dreading the gym.

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