We talk about hydration so much around here. Every person you meet in our clinic will ask you about your drinking habits.

“How much are you drinking? When are you drinking? What are you drinking?”

New fluids on the Market

We are like the helicopter mom of fluids– we mean well, I promise we do.

When we ask about your fluids, it isn’t that we just like to hear ourselves talk. Fluids are vital. So many body processes depend on adequate hydration to function properly, including your bowels and fat metabolism. Since fluids are so important, getting burnt out on a certain flavor or type of drink can throw you into a tail spin. When looking at fluids, there are three important things to keep in mind:

1. Calories– All fluids should be less than 15 calories

2. Caffeine– Caffeine intake should be kept to a minimum. Any caffeinated beverages do not count as a hydrating fluids…only decaf drinks are hydrating.

3. Carbonation– Carbonated drinks should be avoided to prevent expansion of the pouch after surgery.

Keep these guidelines in mind when shopping for new products. So in the effort to mix up your fluids, here are some favorites that have been lining my shelves lately….

Dasani Drop Infusions: Do you have a sensitivity to any and all sweeteners? Or maybe you just don’t like the sweet taste of fluids. Whatever the reason maybe, these Dasani Infusion Drops might be your new favorite thing. Naturally flavored and unsweetened, these drops provide just a hint of flavor. They come in both Lime and Strawberry Basil flavors. 

Bai5 Antioxidant Infusions: You have hit the jackpot with Bai5 if you are looking for a naturally sweetened and organic beverage. With only 5 calories per serving, Bai5 is full of flavor. It is sweetened with organic stevia for the benefit of all those with aspartame or sucralose intolerances. 

Propel Electrolyte Water:  Are you struggling to drink your electrolytes? Whether you are having a hard time with the sweet flavor of zero calorie sports drinks or have an intolerance to artificial sweeteners, Propel® Electrolyte Water has you covered. This zero calorie, unflavored, unsweetener water is brimming with electrolytes. 

Ocean Spray Pact: Ocean Spray® PACt® is a great low calorie alternative to juice. With multiple flavors including Cranberry Pomegranate and Cranberry Blood Orange you won’t get tired of the same flavor. And only 10 calories per bottle will keep you right on track. 

Hint Waters: Get a natural kick of fruit flavor with Hint Fruit Infused Waters. Zero artificial sweeteners and zero calories for this lightly flavored water. Downside is I haven’t found it in stores in Oklahoma yet, so you have to order online. 

Sweetleaf: Sweetleaf has a multitude of products, but the Sweetleaf® Sweet Drops™  have some great flavors. These liquid stevia based drops range in flavor from cinnamon or coconut to a cola flavor. 

The moral of the story is to drink your fluids and to mix it up! There are gobs of new products on the market everyday— these happen to be some that I have found recently. Enjoy your drinks! Lauren


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