The struggle is REAL!!! Sore muscles in general are not fun! With spring and summer coming, most of us will either shift our workouts to something different or maybe you are just getting started after a long winter.  I’ve been working to change my routine up lately and I’ve been hitting the weights a lot more. So in return I’m getting some sore muscles. I kind of like it because I know I have challenged my body to be better buuuut at the same time I’m sore and stiff. So how do I help my body out instead of paying for a massage every week?

Foam Rolling to the rescue!!!

Has anyone ever used one of these magical things? What is it you ask?! Well let me share this magical tool we should all own! A Foam Roller is a tool to help aid in Self-myofascial release or just another way of saying self-massage. When we challenge our muscles, they get tight and that can cause pain. Self-myofascial release is a way to release muscle tightness and helps our muscles recover quicker. Buy placing the roller between you and the ground you will be placing your body weight onto the roller. For me personally today, my upper back is sore! So this is where my focus will be today. If you have any questions about foam rolling please leave a comment and I will answer them! 🙂 





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