If you are considering undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, you may be wondering what it will be like. What is the recovery process like? How much weight will you lose? What will my life look like after surgery? These are all common questions and hearing from real patients can be helpful in your decision in having surgery or not.

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

This is a laparoscopic procedure that removes 70-80% of the stomach. The remaining part of the stomach looks like a tube or a sleeve, which is where the surgery name comes from. This minimally invasive procedure can produce huge results, with some patients losing between 25% and 60% of their extra body fat.

“I weighed over 350 lbs at my highest weight and wearing a size 32. Now I am fit and healthy and wear a size 8. While this is a very exciting journey and you will lose weight – you must also invest yourself in this process. The surgery alone will not bring about complete success. A sleeve combined with healthy eating and activity equals a brand-new life, so you better get ready because the ride of your life is about to begin!!!”
– Amy Downs, WeightWise Gastric Sleeve patient

At WeightWise, we make sure to let every patient know that bariatric surgery is just one step on this newer, healthier lifestyle. Yes, there will be some lost weight at the start, but the key to continuing losing weight is sticking to the diet and improving your exercise routine.

We believe every weight loss procedure is unique. Gained weight could have happened in high school, after college, or following a stressful personal event. Each has its own unique contributing factor that affects patients differently. However, success stories all have something in common: A desire for a better quality of life.

“This whole process has been a HUGE blessing in my life! I have lost a total of 220lbs and counting…for me, the benefits have been numerous. Diabetes—gone! Kidney function labs—normal! Mobility—fantastic!”
– Jennifer Smith, WeightWise Gastric Sleeve patient

There are many reasons why patients come to WeightWise for weight loss surgery. It could be because of their appearance, because they can’t fit into their favorite clothes, or they just can’t play with their kids or grandkids like they used to. But the single biggest reason for surgical weight loss is their health.

Diabetes is a common outcome for those struggling with a lot of excess weight – one in five obese people develop the disease if the weight gain goes unaddressed. Diabetes can lead to other issues as well, including heart problems, kidney disease, and even blindness.

With the gastric sleeve, however, diabetes has been completely resolved a year after surgery. In nearly 60 percent of patients, diabetes has completely disappeared. A sleeve gastrectomy provides a safe, fast way to lose weight and reduce the need for diabetes medication almost immediately.

“I had topped out at 340 pounds and with the help of all the staff and Dr. Walton, I now weigh 170 pounds and have maintained my weight for years. I will tell you that if you will listen to the staff and do what they tell you to do, you too can have your dream come true. I’m four years out of surgery now and loving life again, and you can too.”
—Mickey Marsee, WeightWise Gastric Sleeve Patient

Along with diabetes, there are many issues that affect obese people. Sleep apnea, some cancers, high cholesterol, and host of other physical – as well as emotional – issues. It is a proven fact that weight loss surgery along with a change in diet and activity levels is the best way to lose excess weight and keep it off long term.

In addition to the gastric sleeve procedures, WeightWise offers a wide variety of bariatric surgery, including gastric bypass surgery, the duodenal switch, lap bands, and more. Each patient goes through an information session with our surgeons to determine the best course of action.

This includes a thorough explanation of post pre- and post-op diets, allowable foods for the first few months, and a change in diet that will be followed for the rest of their lives. Though it may seem harsh at first glance, the current lifestyle of our patients put them in this position. The only way to get healthy is a complete lifestyle change.

Which means a change in activity as well. WeightWise exercise physiologists work with all patients to find out what is possible from the start and set attainable goals. At the start, this includes weight training, cardio work, as well as working on flexibility.

The goal is to get the body use to consistent physical activity. This may mean walking around a track a few times at that start to jogging a mile after a month or so. The beauty of the gastric sleeve surgery is the ability to start normal day-to-day activities the next day. Otherwise known as the first day of a healthier lifestyle.

Want to learn more about our program or other procedures we offer, such as the lap band, duodenal switch, or gastric bypass? Take a look at our FREE online seminar to see how our program has helped so many reach their health goals. Please contact us and let’s discuss how WeightWise can you.

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