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Halloween is approaching FAST!!! I myself hate Halloween! I am not about all the spooky houses or costumes! No no! I’m okay with children dressing up for fun and trick or treating, they are super adorable! However the scary, gory, bloody and haunting stuff that Halloween brings is NOT for me! So don’t try to scare me, I won’t like you very much 🙂 But the WORST thing about Halloween is the CANDY!

Oh my word, I walked into Target this weekend and the site of all of the candy made my mouth water! I have a huge sweet tooth and thankfully I was full from lunch and could walk away.

So I always like to put it into perspective as to how much working out I would have to do to burn off all the candy! Well, my go to website has done it again, this time with jumping jacks.

So next time you think you want that mini fun size snickers….you might check out how many jumping jacks you would have to do in order to burn just one of them off! I’m just going to say no thanks! 😉

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