Many people dread exercising because they don’t like what they are doing! I am a firm believer that exercise has to be something you enjoy! If you do not enjoy what you’re doing then why would you continue to do it? I have tried several exercises classes and I end up hating some, liking some and loving some! I got introduced to Zumba by my friend Angela. She was always talking about it and she made it sound like it was something I had to try. So I went with her one night. The class was packed with every age group and both men and women. I have no dance experience except for ballet classes when I was 5, so I was a little intimidated to go into this “dance” class. Once we got started I realized how easy it was to pick up the dances and that I was having more fun and forgot how intimidated I was at the beginning. I really enjoyed the class. I found this article that describes what Zumba is.  You all should defiantly go and join the party!


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