We each have different activities, goals, habits that we love about our spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners etc. But now you’ve started exercising and the other is just not interested, this makes being motivated to exercise that much harder. Here are a few helpful hints to try and get the other involved:

1.) Plan an active date: It’s important to continue dating the other person whether you’re married or not. It is time for you two to get to step away from everyday life and do something together. So why not plan a picnic and go walk around a trail before or after dinner. You could also go play miniature golf, play tennis or go swimming.
2.) Get them something cool to go along with your date. If you plan a tennis date have a new racquet or some new tennis balls.
If you go swimming have some new flip flops, goggles, or a new beach towel. Everyone likes to be surprised with a little gift.
3.) Support. It is really important to be open and honest about the fact that you need support from your friends and family. Tell the other person exactly how you feel and how important this is to you. When it comes to getting another person to like exercise you have to be a little tricky about it. Exercise has to be fun, the more fun it is the less you think about the fact that it’s “exercise”. Plan an exercise session around something the other person really enjoys!

I hope these tips work for you!

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