Summer is fast upon us, friends. You know what that means…temperatures rising, more hours in the sun, ball games and cook outs, oh my!

Kids Playing with Hose WeightWise

Image courtesy of nourishedhearts.com

With all of the extra activities, are your fluids suffering? Remember, fluid intake is a very important factor in weight management. And even more so in the summer months when dehydration can sneak up on you. Shoot for 96 oz per day of the hydrating fluids when you know you will be out and about.

If you need a little reminder to keep sippin’ on that water or powerade zero, check out the app called Daily Water.

This wonderful little guy allows you to program out much water you need in a day and check off the ounces as they go down.

Daily Water App

You can also set reminders throughout the day to make sure you are keeping up.

daily water app-2

This wins a thumbs up in my book. How about yours???

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